TX-APWA Update on COVID-19


April 23, 2020
To: Texas Chapter of APWA Members and Friends
RE: TX-APWA 2020 Annual Conference and COVID-19    Due to the current situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the Executive Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to cancel the TX-APWA 2020 Annual Conference in Galveston (June 17-19). We are dedicated to protecting the health of our members and while we hope that life can return to normal soon, it is still uncertain what guidelines will be in place once we start to move past the COVID19 situation.
We know many travel budgets for municipalities and in the private sector have been restricted for the remainder of 2020, with potential restrictions in 2021. We have committed to have the TX-APWA Annual Conference in Galveston in 2021 (May 17-19, Monday-Wednesday), followed by Harlingen in 2022. The 2021 conference may have a different format than usual, due to potential travel restrictions. We will revisit the format in a few months and send out another letter with any changes.
Hotel Reservations Any hotel reservations made at Moody Gardens (using the conference code) for the June 17-19 conference will be automatically canceled on April 24 (no need to call the hotel).
Attendee Registration  If you have already registered for the TX-APWA conference, your registration will be automatically transferred to the new dates (no need to register next year). If the registration cost changes (lower amount), you will receive a credit for the difference. If you prefer to receive a full refund, please contact IMP Planners at implanners@sbcglobal.net.  
Sponsor/Exhibitor Registration Exhibitor registrations will be automatically transferred to the new dates and will keep the current booth number(s). If the exhibit hall layout changes, exhibitors will get to pick a new booth number (in the same order of when registering for the 2020 conference). If the sponsorship cost changes (lower amount), you will be given a choice of a credit or include additional items to your sponsorship. If you prefer to receive a full refund, please contact IMP Planners at implanners@sbcglobal.net.  
Awards The awards deadline is May 1. Awards will still be sent to winners and recognized on our website and The Participant. More details on awards will be provided to the winners in June.
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Education Sessions/Speakers If you need continuing education credits, APWA offers online classes that are free to members. Check with your local TX-APWA Branch to see what classes they are offering.  
We will keep any abstracts submitted on file but ask that you re-submit your abstract (to confirm topic and contact information). A “Call for Abstracts” email will be sent to membership, as well as those that previously submitted abstracts, by September 2020. Speakers will be notified in December 2020.
PWX in New Orleans APWA is monitoring the situation and will decide in early-mid May about PWX (August 30-September 2). They are currently withholding registration until a decision has been made.   Thank you for your understanding and we appreciate all the hard work you are doing in public works. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at tpwa@outlook.com, or to me directly at dhb@freese.com.    Sincerely,
Dorothy Bergesen President ¦ Texas Chapter of APWA


Click below for update APWA National information:


March 15, 2020

To:         Texas Chapter of APWA Members and Friends

RE:         Update to TX-APWA Members on COVID-19

By now, we suspect the current COVID-19 situation has affected you in some way. TX-APWA has received notifications of cancelled local events and questions about upcoming meetings. Some cities have implemented bans on gatherings of a certain size.

As you are aware, the situation is fluid and changes occur rapidly. The health and safety of our members is of the utmost importance. For now, we recommend that you make your decisions based on guidance and recommendation of the following:

APWA has also set up an InfoNOW Community for discussions about COVID-19.  If you would like to join this community, log into your APWA account and go to http://infonow.apwa.net/covid-19.

In regard to the TX-APWA Annual Conference in June at Moody Gardens in Galveston, it is too early to make a decision to cancel or postpone the annual conference.  Respecting travel arrangements, we hope to make a final decision by April 15, whether the conference will go on as planned or be postponed.

Please continue to monitor your local jurisdiction and follow all precautions to keep yourself and family safe.

Thank you for all the work you are doing managing this very unique situation. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me at dhb@freese.com.


Dorothy Bergesen

President ¦ Texas Chapter of APWA

UPDATED 3/22/20

We have made adjustments to the stated below in the original notice.

We are now asking you to keep this a living document.  As the virus causes changes please update the document with any change that are made to your response.  Even though there is a spot for your name, email and jurisdiction, we will not make that part public on the website.  This document will become very import, which can help us improve our SOP, policies etc. for any future type scenarios.  We have also added some questions that you stated you wanted answered.

I have also included on our website a very similar questioner that was sent out nationwide by APWA.infonow

Thank you for your continued help.

To: Texas Public Works Officials

Subject: Public Works and COVID-19

The Texas Chapter of the American Public Works Association (TX-APWA) would like to collect information regarding your jurisdictions, Public Works Responses and the handling of your public works employees and teams regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.  The information will be used for historical tracking and mapping of how Texas Public Works has handled responses and staffing issues related to the COVID-19 issue.  The information collected will be provided to everyone who participates via our State Chapter website http://texas.apwa.net/ and it will provide situational awareness of what’s going on across the state.  The process will improve as we fine tune the data collection and automation.
The online survey can be found by clicking on the following link:  

Texas Chapter of the American Public Works Association COVID-19 Information Repository (link to survey)

The results of the survey will be posted here as they are received: http://texas.apwa.net/PageDetails/22892

Best regards,

Texas Chapter of the American Public Works Association Executive Committee

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