Crew Leader - Drainage


Organization : City of Allen
Job Category : Water and Sewers: Stormwater
Job Type : Full Time
State/Province : TX
City : Allen
Salary and Benefits : See City Website

The City:
With over 100,000 residents, the City of Allen is a dynamic and welcoming community. The City of Allen's strong economy, diverse population, great educational institutions and quality of life makes it the ideal place to work, live, and play. The City of Allen has something to offer for everyone.
The City's Mission, is "To achieve excellence in managing development of the community and in providing city services so that conditions of living and public confidence are continually enhanced".
Our employees serve the citizens of Allen with the following values:

  • People First – Giving priority to others
  • Respect – Treating others with courtesy and dignity
  • Integrity – Serving with honesty, trust and hard work
  • Deliver – Following through on commitments while exceeding expectations
  • Excel – Creating an innovative and improving work environment
The purpose of this position is to ensure the continuing operation of City properties and drainage systems. This is accomplished by supervising and participating in various maintenance services. Other duties may include repairing concrete curbs, transporting trash and debris to City landfill, maintaining flow in drainage pipes, maintaining vehicles and interfacing with other City employees and citizens. This position provides direction to other employees.

Essential Functions

This information is intended to be descriptive of the key responsibilities of the position. The following examples do not identify all duties performed by any single incumbent.

  • Maintains City property and drainage systems by supervising work crews, delegating activities to work crews, trimming and removing trees, removing debris, hauling trash, cleaning drainage channels, clearing foliage and debris blocking line of sight for City signs, clearing culverts and curb inlets, mowing land and ditches and weed eating.
  • Repairs concrete curbs by ensuring proper use of equipment, ordering proper amounts of concrete to be used, taking curbs out, repairing or developing new curb and cleaning job site post-production.
  • Transports trash and debris to City landfill by locating trash and debris for removal, receiving work orders requesting removal, traveling to trash and debris site and transporting trash and debris to the City landfill.
  • Maintains flow in drainage pipes by monitoring operation of drainage pipes, ensuring proper use of equipment, ordering proper amounts of pipe to be installed, removing old drainage pipe, installing new drainage pipe and cleaning job site post-installation.
  • Maintains vehicles by monitoring vehicle operation, performing preventative maintenance checks, ensuring proper operation of vehicle and vehicle equipment and making minor repairs as necessary.

Job Requirements

Formal Education / Knowledge
Work requires knowledge necessary to understand basic operational, technical, or office processes. Level of knowledge equivalent to four years of high school or equivalency.

Over two years of relevant experience.

Certification and Other Requirements
Valid Class A CDL Drivers License

Overall Physical Strength Demands
Medium - Exerting 20-50 lbs. occasionally, 10-25 lbs. frequently, or up to 10 lbs. constantly.

Supplemental Information


Intermediate - Ability to read papers, periodicals, journals, manuals, dictionaries, thesauruses, and encyclopedias. Ordinarily, such education is obtained in high school up to college. However, it may be obtained from experience and self-study.

Basic - Ability to perform the four basic arithmetic operations. Ordinarily, such education is obtained in elementary school up to high school. However, it may be obtained from experience and self-study.

Basic - Ability to write simple sentences containing subject, verb, and object, and/or series of numbers, names, and addresses. Ordinarily, such education is obtained in elementary school up to high school. However, it may be obtained from experience and self-study.

Receives general directions. The employee normally performs the job by following established standard operating procedures and/or policies. The employee may choose the appropriate procedure or policy. Performance is reviewed periodically.

Budget Responsibility 

Supervisory / Organizational Control
Work requires functioning as a lead worker performing essentially the same work as those directed, and includes overseeing work quality, training, instructing, and scheduling work.

Work requires analysis and judgment in accomplishing diversified duties. Requires the exercise of independent thinking within the limits of policies, standards, and precedents.

Interpersonal / Human Relations Skills
Discussion Occasional: 20% or less of work time.


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