Assistant Director of Traffic and Incident M ....


Organization : NTTA
Job Category : Transportation
Job Type : Full Time
State/Province : TX
City : NTTA
Salary and Benefits : See Website for details
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The North Texas Tollway Authority was created in 1997 to help advance local highway projects that lacked government funding.  In addition to building and maintaining the finest roads in North Texas, we serve an estimated 7.5 million customers and process toll payments for all area toll roads and the airport toll gates.  NTTA’s nearly 800 employees work together to connect North Texans through safer, quicker and higher-quality roads.

Brief Description:

The purpose of this position is to provide administrative oversight of safety, incident management, traffic engineering, and traffic operations of the Traffic and Incident Management (TIM) department.  Duties include direction and coordination of activities; leading and developing employees; high-level trend analysis and report development, and delivery of presentations; coordination of public safety, wrecker, and traffic operations; and development of the budget.  This is accomplished by planning and organizing staff functions, resolving customer inquiries and complaints; reviewing and recommending budget expenditures for staff, equipment, materials and supplies; overseeing equipment, facility and personnel utilization; reviewing performance, and managing performance metrics and reporting for division teams.  Other duties include participating in strategic and space planning; procuring services and monitoring contracts, projects, and expenditures; overseeing fleet vehicles, procuring and negotiating contracts for services; and developing policy and procedure manuals.  Assistant Director may serve temporarily as Department Director when the Director is unavailable.

Essential Functions:

  • Prepares and manages the annual budget by researching information, recommending purchases, expenditures, capital equipment and staffing levels, presenting budget or recommendations, monitoring ongoing expenditures, and recommending budget adjustments. 
  • Manages contracts by maintaining and reviewing regular reports and spreadsheets, reporting contract status, assisting managers with proposal language or contract negotiations, and ensure managers monitor work progress and adherence to schedules and budgets.
  • Oversees accreditation and performance management programs by facilitating policy and practice development,  regular assessments, developing training programs, assists in developing new programs, systems, procedures or equipment, consulting with employees to resolve issues, and creating employee involvement.
  • Oversees various divisions in the TIM Department; monitoring and evaluating staff performance; teaching, coaching, and counseling employees; ensuring the establishment of sound training programs; forecasting and justifying personnel and equipment needs; participating in strategic goal and space planning; monitoring service programs and deliverables; participating in and leading special projects; ensuring policy/procedure compliance; and participating in and leading training.
  • Deploys nationally recognized incident command system (ICS) and management (NIMS) principals; provides incident scene response and on-scene NTTA command 24/7 as needed; works to find ways to improve incident response and management activities.
  • Deploys nationally recognized traffic management and traffic engineering principals; assists with ITS projects; evaluates data from several sources to determine patterns and improve traffic safety.
  • Ability to cope with job related stress including but not limited to deadlines, customer, supervisory and staff interactions, multi-tasking and high work volumes is required.

Job Requirements:

  • Formal Education:  Work requires specialized knowledge in a professional or technical field.  Work requires professional level of knowledge of a discipline equivalent to that which is acquired in a Master’s degree-level of study, P.E., Law Degree, or CPA.
  • Experience:  Over nine years of experience.
  • Supervision: Work requires managing and monitoring work performance by directing subordinate supervisors or administrators, including making final decisions on hiring and disciplinary actions, evaluating program/work objectives and effectiveness, and realigning work and staffing assignments, as needed.
  • Human Collaboration Skills:  Recommendations regarding policy development and implementation are made and/or recommended.  Evaluates customer satisfaction, develops cooperative associations, and utilizes resources to continuously improve customer satisfaction.
  • Freedom to Act:  Receives Administrative Direction: Within this job, the employee normally performs the duty assignment within broad parameters defined by general organizational requirements and accepted practices.  Total end results determine effectiveness of job performance.
  • Technical Skills:  Skilled - Work requires a comprehensive, practical knowledge of a technical field with use of analytical judgment and decision-making abilities appropriate to the work environment of the organization.
  • Budget Responsibility:  Oversees budget preparation of a division/section budget.  Has responsibility for approval of final documents sent to the Department Head.  Reviews and approves expenditures of significant budgeted funds for the division/section.
  • Reading:  Advanced - Ability to read literature, books, reviews, scientific or technical journals, abstracts, financial reports, and/or legal documents.  Ordinarily, such education is obtained in at the college level or above.
  • Math:  Intermediate - Ability to deal with system of real numbers; practical application of fractions, percentages, ratios/proportions and measurement. Ordinarily, such education is obtained in high school up to college.
  • Writing:  Advanced - Ability to write editorials, journals, speeches, manuals, or critiques.  Ordinarily, such education is obtained in at the college level or above.
  • Certification & Other Requirements:
    • Registered as a Professional Engineer in the State of Texas
    • A valid Texas driver's license
    • The ability to pass the fingerprinting and background check in accordance with the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) security policy and maintain CJIS eligibility throughout employment. 


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