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Texas Public Works Association


The purpose of this page is for the placement of "non-sensitive" documents in one accessible area to provide information needed by Chapter/Branch leaders throughout the year.   Click on the links to either download/open the documents.

1Reporting Structure TPWA Board of Directors 
2Officer Responsibility - President 
3Officer Responsibility - President-elect 
4Officer Responsibility - Vice President 
5Officer Responsibility - Secretary 
6Officer Responsibility - Treasurer 
7Officer Responsibility - Trustee 
8Officer Responsibility - Past President 
9Officer Responsibility - TML Representative 
10Officer Responsibility - HOD Delegate 
11Committee Tasks (Power Point Presentation) 
12Branch Checklist 
13Branch Activity Report 
14Branch Liaison 
151099 Reporting Form - 1099 Instructions 
16Utilizing Publicity Resources 
172014 Participant Publishing Dates 
182014 Treasurer's Checklist/Due Dates 
192013 Year End Financial Position
202013 Year End Statement of Activities 
212013 Audit Checklist 
222014 Mid year Statement of Activities 
232014 Mid Year Financial Position 
24Branch Education Funding Request 
25Short Course SOP 
26Annual Conference SOP 
27Texas Membership Plan 
28Texas Chapter Board/Committee Leadership Application Form


Download here: Chapter Leadership Application Form

For more information, please contact:

Texas Public Works Association
Ronnie/Cheree Bates
TPWA Chapter Administrator
214-444-9596 office/Txt
972-420-7348 Fax
P.O.Box 293762
Lewisville, Texas. 75029


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